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Obedience training and behaviour modification in Hamilton, Victoria

Welcome !!

At Mutts About Training we focus on two things!
Well trained dogs and well trained owners 

Dog training can be so much fun, IF! you know what motivates your dog and how to teach new skills...

If I could gift an owner any skill it would be handler focus! with our dogs attention we can teach so much. 
Motivation = Attention = Learning

We train dogs from foundation level up to intermediate obedience skills covering basic commands such as Sit, Drop, Heel, Loose lead walking, Recall, Manual handling, Greeting manners, Jumping manners, social manners, mental stimulation, handler focus and so much more So that they can to be confident, well socialised to achieve the required skills to live a happy and for filled life.
I strive to provide a humane and fun balanced training in everything I do to make training fun for your dogs.

What is Balanced training ?
Balanced training is 99.9 % positive reinforcement with lots of rewards in place weather it be toy or food
and 1%  punishment such as withholding treats or leach pressure to achieve obedience in higher levels where non compliance may be seen. 
I always want dogs and owners to leave feeling fulfilled and accomplished even if it wasn't there best performance. we all have off days, there is no need to crack the whip :)

Using positive based methods to build reliable basics helps us avoid shut down dogs or redirection from frustrated dogs. I will ask owners using compulsion only training to change there methods or remove themselves from the class.
I always think that I wouldn't want to do anything for anyone if I felt like I was always in trouble even when I got it right, Would you? 


Hamilton Vic 3300

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