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MUTTS offers the following services the following in and around the mornington peninsula

-In home obedience Training
-In home 1.1 Private behaviour modification for reactive dogs

Puppy and Adult dog group obedience @ peninsula Positive Paws Club Rosebud. 

About Mutts

Hi Y'all!
My name is Stacey and I am a certified dog trainer through NDTF. I have a background in vet nursing, farm dogs and pet dogs across a range of obedience and behaviour work.

I am from out country vic and I have recently spent the past 6 years going back and forth to the peninsula training dogs and i'm very excited to announce that I am now here to stay.

I love obedience classes and making relationships with clients so I have joined the team at Peninsula Positive Paws club to continue this.
I also have Many years experience in dog behaviour modification (mainly reactivity) witch i will be offering sparingly in my own time.

I love what i do and i'm very passionate about it, im honest and i don't gate keep information. im happy to share my knowledge with all!

in the photos here you can see my trusty lab (leo) his a goose and loves life! he is also a well rounded behaviour dog that i trust and rely on to bring a dog's perspective to behaviour sessions. my newest addition is the borda (TUX) he is a pretty princess who enjoys showing off all his cool tricks and winning you over with those adoring looks and cool dog personality. he is not yet ready to assist in behaviour but he will likely do some prancing and ribbon winning

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