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We offer Obedience training and behaviour modification in Hamilton, Victoria and surrounds

Please Note

We Will be temporarily closed from the 26th of June until the 19th of July.

We all hope you enjoy your wintery holidays 

My name is Stacey and I am a local Dog Trainer in Hamilton, Victoria and servicing the surrounding areas, focusing on Obedience Training and Behaviour Modification.

At Mutts About Training we focus on two things! Training confident, well socialised dogs and training handlers to be confident. I strive to provide a humane and fun balanced training methodology to build understanding and strong relationships of trust and respect between you and your dog.

Browse my site to learn more about me and what I offer or contact me to have a chat about your concerns.

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Community walks 

We don't just offer training we also dedicate the last Sunday of every month to helping the dog community with our free structured walk. All you need to do is come along and respect the rules. (Dates below)

Our free structured walk is designed to suit almost any dog. All owners and dogs are encouraged to come along to our structured social walks.
You're also welcome to bring the kids,  partner and/or your friend along to build towards our goal of having a loving, caring dog community. This is a great way to have your dogs co-existing and gain structured exposure with other dogs and people.

Please be mindful of others. Bullying and discouragement won't be tolerated! Not all dogs like other dogs and that is okay. This does not mean they can't come along and be exposed to other dogs and people on a controlled and managed way. Having a dog with reactivity whether it be over excitement or fear based reactivity it is stressful enough, without the second degree from other dog owners. This community walk is designed to create dog community full of support, patience and kindness from other owners. With trainers by your side to support and assist you in those 'ow F#$k moment'. So please, don't be discouraged to bring dogs who need some space.


The catch!

-NO dog to dog interaction! None! No exceptions!

-Any dogs with behaviour problems must be labelled or advised to the trainer. Eg, "give space"/ "anxious"/ "no dogs" / "do not pat" labels are great.

-All dog to dog reactive dogs must be muzzled or with in a safe distance advised and monitored by trainers.

-Under no circumstances is a dog to be off lead! You will be asked to leash your dog or leave the group if you will not comply.

-No long lines (no lead longer than 6ft)
-Owners are responsible for picking up after their dog.

-Owners are responsible for giving their dog access to water.

-Owners are responsible for their own dogs.

(Please note assistance will be available by me or my handlers for any behaviour issues that arise during the walk and all dogs will be monitored by me and my handlers for the safety of the group.


There is no need to book, however, if you have dog with any behaviour issues please notify me via email before attending so that I can advocate for your dog.

No bookings needed, community walks are held on the last Sunday of every month @ 12:00pm
2022 Dates
-27th March @12pm
-24th April @12pm

-29th May @12pm

-26th June @12pm

-31st July @12pm

-28 August @12pm

-25 September @12pm

-30 October @12pm

-27 November @12pm


Hamilton Vic 3300

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