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Social Events

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We hold social events for all of our clients to attend if they wish to.


They are always announced in our announcements, Blog and Facebook so please keep an eye out!


Community Walks

Join Us for Community Dog Walks!

Community dog walks are a fantastic opportunity to socialize your furry companion and work on leash manners. Come walk with us through the gardens, and enjoy some lunch with our friendly pack. For updates on upcoming walks, check out our Facebook page or announcements on our homepage.

Please note that all dogs are required to remain on leash at all times, and all humans must respect others' personal space and ask permission for interactions.

If you have a dog that becomes overly excited around other dogs and people, we highly recommend joining us to help your furry friend learn to coexist calmly with other dogs without initiating play. This is a great way to start working on their behaviour before they get the chance to say hello.

If your dog is less social or if you're working on their thresholds, don't worry - you're more than welcome to join us. Just make sure to maintain a safe distance from other dogs and restrain your furry friend as necessary with a well-fitting collar and muzzle if needed.


Ninja Dogs (SummerOnly)

Looking for a fun-filled program for your active dog or one with an active mind? Look no further than Ninja Dogs!


Our program integrates agility and parkour to create a unique range of equipment that challenges dogs both physically and mentally. But that's not all - we also offer complex skills and tricks so that our clients can practice and train what suits them and their furry friends best.

To become a part of Ninja Dogs, you must meet certain criteria.
- You must have passed level 1 (beginners) Obedience 

Please note that our program is not designed for aggressive dogs due to the high stimulus and arousal levels involved to motivate our dogs. However, reactive dogs that have gone through a reactive program with one of our trainers will  be encourage to join us after meeting criteria

- All reactive dogs must be muzzled with other dogs on the premises when off lead (don't worry we can help with that) 
- Has attended a reactive program with a trainer and is ready to work around other dogs 
- must label dog or notify us before attending
(don't feel unwelcome these are just steps we all need to take to prevent any harm to your dogs mental state and to prevent any major damage if your was to become over stimulated or over threshold.

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