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Hey there, fellow dog lover!

Are you ready to turn your furry friend into a top dog? 
Mutts About Training is here to help!
We offer a range of programs from puppy school to obedience and behaviour modification.
We guarantee that you'll be barking up the right tree with our certified trainers.

No matter if your pup is a little ruff around the edges or needs some puppy school to get started, we'll create a customized training plan to fit their unique paw-sonality.

Our team is made up of top dogs in the industry who are paw-some at what they do. We'll work with you as a team to make sure your furry friend is wagging their tail with pride.

If you're feeling like your furry friend needs some extra help or just have questions about our training programs, don't hesitate to fill out the form below.
One of our team members will be in touch quickly as they paws-ably can

At Mutts About Training, we're not just here to train your dog, we're here to build a fur-ocious bond between you and your furry friend.
We're mutts-tly in love with dogs and believe that every dog deserves a chance to be their best selves.

So come on over, let's unleash the training magic and make sure your pup is the bark of the park!

The Mutts About Training Team

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  • We do our best to provide a friendly and proactive environment for clients and staff at Mutts About Training, but we also understand that everyone has off days so the best way to give our team constructive criticism is via the feedback form below or email. -

  • We do not accept abuse via email, we are people too and deserve to be spoken to in a mature and constructive way, just as you would expect from us.  

  • Any persons who conducts themselves in an unprofessional and abusive way will not be tolerated. Feedback in person needs to be constructive and not abusive.

  • No feedback will be accepted via phone calls.

  • All feedback will be shared by the managers to the teams so that it may be directed to our staff in an appropriate manner

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Opening Hours vary week to week 

Wednesdays , Thursdays, and Sunday 
Weekdays between 11am and 7pm 
Weekends between 10am and 6pm 
(some clients may be offered times outside of this if appointments become available)

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