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Training your dog then training you

​Trainer led training
1. Assessment with you and your dog
2. Up to 3 weeks of 45 minute daily training sessions for your dog soly, usually taking  45 minutes each day but may vary depending on progression (some sessions may take longer but don't cost you more)

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-Each week you will receive updates on your dog's progress and any changes we need to make to the home environment will be discussed.
-At the end of your training period we will have an in-depth handover session with your trainer so that all new and modified behaviours are kept and maintained.
-This is not a board and train however will be treated in the same manner, but, within your own home! All boundaries and requests made by your trainer must be followed so that the dogs training is not interrupted with small wins that encourage the behaviour we are trying to modify.
If you can not follow these guidelines your tainer will revoke training without refund. 

FYI- we are excited to share that we are in the process of looking for and obtaining a facility to allow for board and trains. As soon as this becomes available our clients will be updated ! 

How to book

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Complete this form 

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A trainer will offer you some assessment dates to choose from

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Book further 1.1 with your trainer

 We are dedicated to helping you and your dog overcome behavioral challenges through our private sessions.
Our trainers are experienced in working with a wide range of behavior issues including but not limited to;
reactivity, destructive behaviours, over arousal and confidence building.
We will work closely with you and your dog to create a personalized plan that suits your dog's unique needs.
Together, we can achieve positive behavior change and enhance the bond between you and your furry companion through reachable goals, positive training and accountability.

Meet some of our previous clients 

Isobella & Honey

An absolutely wonderful training service! Stacey has been incredible in helping us with our deaf Border Collie puppy, teaching us how to understand her needs, communicate with her and giving us tips/suggestions for creating a safe and enriching space for our pup. The level of support provided is outstanding, we have use the obedience and playdate service and would highly recommend both of these services, especially to people with special needs dogs!

Tron & Pineapple

Our boy was quite scared of people and had been quite aggressive towards people and dogs when he got scared but Stacey was able to build trust with tron and work with him to until he was comfortable enough to include our family on the session. we found the training easy to understand as stacey broke it down for all of us over a few sessions so that we could all succeed. we were able to walk our dogs without dreading every step, every corner and every moving leaf. we still have a long way to go but we were pleased to have the beginning process complete and trust built. Thankyou stacey for your guidance

Linda & Nikki

Stacey is our local dog whisperer. She is helping us to transform our dog from being reactive towards other dogs to being able to go for a walk without having to cross the street. Her skills in understanding how dogs operate is amazing. We thoroughly recommend her.

Carley & Cookie

I remember our fist session ! what a session it was! my dog was out of control and I was so scared to show someone just how bad this had gotten because I blamed myself.  Not more that 5 minutes in to Stacey's arrival Cookie showed Stacey everything we have been worried about and with that near bight Stacey stepped in and started our session right away.  I'm thankful for Stacey's no bullshit approach and I'm thankful for her expertise.  We have gone from being scared of our own dog and fearful for our older dogs lives to having a happy and cohesive home. I can now have cookie with my older dogs and around multiple strange dogs and people without reactions. we even signed up and passes the off lead agility course once her reactivity training was complete.  We will forever be grateful.

Download pre assessment form - PDF
Once you have completed the required form please send it via email to

Opening Hours -Private 1.1 Behaviour Modification
between 10 and 7 every day depending on availability

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