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Puppy Academy

Get your best, first step with our qualified team at Mutts About Training and book your puppy into our Puppy academy now!
gain knowledge, teach your puppy obedience and get your first steps in socialisation, controlled exposure, confidence building, manners, behaviours and puppy play

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Week 1- 
Info/theory session and Attention

Week 2- 
lead manners, dog obedience, basic Manners and greetings

week 3- 
    All of the above plus the into to bed/crate, touch and confidence building

Week 4- 
All of the above plus the introduction to leave it/look at me

Week 5-
Building on all of the above and remove lures

Week 6-
In home session or 30 minute 1.1 session at our grounds

To pre book or find out our next class dates  


The Mutts About Training Puppy academy difference

At our Puppy Academy, we go beyond practical training and socialisation. We understand that as a puppy parent, you may have questions, concerns, or specific behavioural challenges that you'd like to address. That's why we include a compulsory theory session as part of our 6-week course, ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools to understand and address your puppy's needs as well as build a relationship with your trainer and fellow puppy owners.
(no puppies or children under 10 allowed at the theory session but welcome in further classes - children are your own responsibility, any children causing disruption will be asked not to attend any following sessions ) 

During the 6 weeks we will cover from the basics in obedience, manners, boundaries, to dog body language, mental stimulation, socialisation activities and confidence-building exercises. Each week's objectives are designed to build upon the previous ones, creating a comprehensive and well-rounded training experience for your puppy and will all be outlined clearly in your very own syllabus so that you can track your puppy's progress.

Additionally, in our commitment to providing a holistic approach to training, the sixth and final session takes place at your own home. This session serves as an opportunity to reinforce what you have learned and ensure that you have successfully implemented the training techniques and established good boundaries in your puppy's everyday environment. Our trainers will visit your home, assess your puppy's progress, and offer personalised guidance to address any remaining behavioural concerns or fine-tune the training as needed. This personalised touch ensures that your puppy training is tailored to their specific living situation, allowing for a seamless transition into a well-behaved member of the family.

At our Puppy Academy, we believe that a comprehensive training experience should encompass theory, practical skills, addressing unwanted behaviours, a clear course outline, and opportunities for personalised guidance. By enrolling in our 6-week course, you can expect to receive a well-rounded education, support, and the necessary tools to foster a strong bond with your puppy and set them up for a lifetime of happiness and success.

During the course you will meet and greet our trainers and make long lasting relationships with them and your fellow puppy owners as well as:
- A graduation certificate
- A beginners training set
- 10% off voucher to our online store
-  10% discount for your first month in obedience 
- 20% discount off your first 4 sessions at day care
All valued at over $350.

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