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Dog walking and pet sitting 

At Mutts About Training we try to offer as much as we can to our clients and that's why we are have a number of sitters and walkers on hand.

We understand the difficulties that come with having little to no time for the basics in life.
So, be it a cheeky dog who needs some training or a certified good boy who just needs that walk every day! we do our best to provide this for you. Dog walking is a great way for them to use up energy, maintain a healthy weight, understand other dogs and the difference between work and rest mode. We provide a training session for your dog wit one of our trainer/handlers to set them up for success and so that they can enjoy their walk to the fullest. 

We also understand that there are times you need a sitter! we all need holidays, a lot of us work far to much and let's not forget that age and medical issues can cause us a bit of grief at times.
You should never feel bad for getting a little help with your pet to make sure they are taken care of when you can't be their.

But it doesn't stop their! we also out saucing some fabulous services we believe you may need or benefit from if we cant fit you in

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1 hour group walks (1).png
Best Buddies

Reach out to us

If your an established pet sitter/dog walker feel free to ask us about listing!

If your a client looking for a service please contact us here 

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