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Dog Walking?

Hey guys, I'm excited to advise that we will be offering dog walking ! We are currently looking for owners who are in need of this service to get us started so please send me your interest Via text, facebook message or email - The first walking session you book will be a behaviour and leed session before a walking session so that all dogs benefit from the walk we provide All dog walkers have or are currently undergoing training with us to be of the best assistance to your dog and provide the best care.

Cost' 1 hour group walk -$25 per dog P/H 1 hour solo walk -$30 per dog P/H 1 hour assessment and lead manners with a trainer -$35 per dog P/H Times will be as per walker availability - A 12 pm session, 4pm session and 5pm session, 3 days a week will be on offer. -We will be using our own leads -We will provide all treats -We will provide water -We will provide doggy bags -We will pick up and drop off dogs from walks so that we can walk them in lower distraction and have a lower risk of off lead dogs causing issues (Walkers trails are in the making) -We will provide walker profiles

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