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Exciting New Changes

Hello Valued clients! Firstly, a BIG thankyou to everyone who has booked play date sessions so far and provided feedback to help me grow. This has been a fantastic week, not only is the weather smiling but I've had such a wonderful supportive group of clients support this new venture. I love what we do! but its a lot easier when you have clients like I do.

Dogs in my play dates are getting the opportunity to play, socialise and are provided with enrichment and basic obedience training every day and when we are all tuckered out you’ll find us all under the fans getting in some much needed relaxation time....before our final round of zoomies so our owners have a physically and mentally worked dog ready to eat dinner and sleep. We do have some exciting changes coming to play dates!!!!! from the 1st of November we are extending our hours from 8:30am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday. We have made this change after receiving feed back from clients who work or have kids in school. This feedback has been so valuable and shed some light on what actually suits our clients best. Unfortunately being in shop early we will no longer offer a pick up service, however, for those who live in town and need the extra assistance due to work commitments we can still provide a drop off service as soon as the last pooch has been collected by 4pm Details

  1. Morning drop off is Between 8:30am and 9am - Sessions starts at 8:30am

  2. Half day drop off is between 12:00 and 12:30

  3. End of day Pick up is between 3:30pm and 4pm sharp

  4. We can return dogs home between 4pm and 5pm If required due to owner work commitments.

  5. Sessions are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  6. Play dates id CLOSED over the weekend for obedience and reactive classes

  7. Play dates is CLOSED on Public holidays and Christmas school holidays.

  8. Enrichment includes some food (please notify trainer of any dietary requirements)

  9. Enrichment includes some physical activity such as agility and fun time zoomies (please notify trainer of any physical/medical issues)

  10. Training includes basic obedience such as - sit, drop, recall, loose lead walking, bed/place training and some agility. We train a variety of skills when training the dogs. over time we do expect that the regular dogs will benefit from this greatly.


  • Sessions are $65 each or choose a price package

  • Price Package 1 - Half day For owners that are available to drop there dogs off between 12:00 & 12:30 pm @ $35 per day

  • Price package 2 - The Regular Book 2 sessions in one week for $100 (save $30)

  • Price package 3 - The weekly Book 4 sessions spread over 4weeks for $220 (save $30)

  • Price package 4 - The Busy Bee Book all 4 days in one week $200 (save $60) approval and assessment required due to being around multiple dogs over the week with many play styles and personality's. we do our best to monitor all play so that nothing gets out of hand.

If you are interested in this please let me know! I will be booking out quickly as I only allow up to 5 dogs per day.

Dogs will still be matched to groups that suit them most dogs suit all groups,

however, If you have a “timid” or “over aroused” dog please keep in mind that I will not put your dog in a group that will not benefit the mental state of that dog or that group.

Once we start to grow we can have multiple yards on duty with multiple staff but for the time being we need to advocate for the dogs that book first and this may result in missing out or being limited. Thankyou for your understanding

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