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End of Year Recaps and bubblies :D

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

To help celebrate a year of Training here in Hamilton I will be holding a day of training recaps Has it been a while? Did you just graduate?

Would you like to Recap on some training?

Would you like some advise on training techniques?

Maybe you have noticed a new behavior and would like some advise since we last spoke? Just coming to scope out others dogs progress, tricks? Perhaps you just wanting to build engagement with your dog ? Need enrichment advise? Need some socialisation? What ever the reason, If your after some last minute fun and socialisation before the Christmas holidays consume us all, then come and see us @ the Middleton reserve on Sunday December 18th We will be there from 11am. We will hold recap sessions, have agility equipment all over, be social, and perhaps show off some tricks ;D.

Bring a chair, bring a dog... hell, bring the wine! and end this year on a high with us. All well behaved and ALLLL the crazy dogs are welcome! Anyone who has attended a class or has had a dog attend a class is welcome, friends are welcome toooo.

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