Meet Spook!

Spook is undergoing training and looking for his forever home!!! Spook is a 12 month old German Shepard. he is a sweet boy who doesn't quite grasp the concept of how BIG he is. Spooks main behaviour issues are around 'over arousal' towards dogs and humans. We are working on spooks excitement and manners! around these issues and would love to start the process of fining a dedicated, patient and energetic owner to begin the transition we have in mind for him. Spook is full of life! and needs an owner with time, energy, patience and good leadership skills. He will require daily walks and mental stimulation and on going training to reach his full potential. We are looking for a very special person to take on this dog. we do not want him to end up in the wrong hands. The pros.. -He is great with people including kids. -He is a big goof who looooves a cuddle -He loves adventuring with his handler -He is create trained -He is toilet trained -He loves his ball and his tug rope. Especially when his handler is initiating play. -His Jumping is improving daily! -His manners have improved immensely The cons - The main one Training must go on! if you don't want to train a dog, the this dog is not for you The training- spook is undergoing behaviour modification and obedience training and this will need be ongoing with his new owner. Spook is a big boy so that means Big food bills, big messes to clean up, and if needed big medical bills (no current medical issues). Spook is a high drive dog, meaning he needs exercise, ongoing training for fun, nap times and mental stimulation to be fulfilled. He does have a high prey drive this is not a bad thing and can be maintained over time but for now he dose find prey stimulating so we would like to see him go to a home without cats and small prey so that there is no chance of a slip up. On arrival spook had resource grading issues, jumping and pushing issues, mouthing issues and improper socialisation. With training his behaviours, guarding, mouthing and jumping have improved drastically, even around people aged between 8 and 50! So far he has been very receptive to training, He loves to work! Spook is now staring training around his over arousal towards dogs, people and prey so this would be a good time to have his forever person be involved. building a relationship, bond and trust between handler and dog is a big part of successful behaviour modification. If you are interested in spooky boy please email me at and tell me why you think you would be a great fit for spook. I will not be rushing to home Spook, I want the right home for this stunning boy where the training he has undergone to change his behaviour and the ongoing work he needs to maintain and better his behaviour will be maintained.

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