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Monthly MUTTS

Welcome to Monthly MUTTS, where you get all the monthly updates from Mutts About Training. This Month has been filled with lots of new and exciting changes! But the biggest news this week is, our newest trainer Molly!

I'm sure most of you would have met Molly, either snooping around at a behaviour consult, in an obedience class or working at Hamilton Vet care. But after months of following us around and taking in all of our knowledge, Leo and I accepted the fact that she isn't going anywhere! and decided it would be best to make it official and bring her on to join the Mutts About Training team in her spare time. All jokes aside, we feel blessed to have found such a positive, passionate and educated person to train and build a strong foundation of dog trainers with to represent Mutts About Training.


As you all know, we have rolled out a whole new structure for our obedience classes including stricter requirements, BUT, a more relaxed attendance approach with the option to attend 2 classes a week! Our new 2023 students have definitely taken advantage of this and have had such tremendous success with only 3 weeks of training we have already had 4 of our newest members graduate in to level 2.1 and receive their first graduation pack including their very first graduation lead! A big CONGRATULATIONS to these beautiful graduates who are doing Mutts About Training Proud in our first month back in 2023

PLAY DATES During playdates this week we worked on loud noises such as blow dryers, vacuums, drills, sanders, banging, YouTube sound tracks and we worked on our basic obedience. Some of our dogs are really taking to the exposure we have implemented and others need more time but .. who wouldn't want to spend more time with these adorable faces #soproud

A dogs say- Mr Paddy wants to remind all his doggy friends that even though spikey seeds are fun to roll in they leave a nasty bite... (watch for grass seeds!!!)

Thanks Paddy :)

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