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Monthly Mutts

Updated: May 3

NEW Play Date options coming to you!

We are currently working on ways to make our service more accessible to clients who don't have the opportunity to make it down to us for drop off or pick ups.

The proposed changes are; -Monday to Friday sessions -Morning pick up -Lunch pick up -Lunch Drop off -Afternoon Drop off -Filling in outdoor space with synthetic grass -Adding More plants -Securing drop off and pick up zones. -Adding further equipment for dog play that is more weather resistant including secured hoops, hurdles, tunnels, sandpits etc -Full days will still be an option for particular days (only by approved dogs that mix well with all sizes) -Half day will be an option on particular days and will be based on size -Some half day options will be mixed with dogs that have been assessed and mix well with multiple sized dogs. -Pricing for our Packages and full days are yet to be determined, but will be within the current ball park -Our New Prices for Half days will be $40 replacing our current price of $35 to help cover new staffing and travel costs. -We will still be providing training during our play date sessions including: *Obedience such as sits, drops, recall, heel, loose lead walking and agility. *Behaviours such as -off switches, noise, touch, safe dog play, correct social and interactions and so much more. P.S. anyone within our obedience classes will be receiving a discount for booked play dates. Please see in this table our proposed day to day schedule for size and times





Half day Morning


Half day lunch

12:30- 3:30

Full Day