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Monthly Mutts - Closed days

Look at these absolute starts moving up in the ranks this month! We have multiple dogs absolutely smashing it in all levels, All credit to the owners who put in the time and effort with these doggies! we hope you are as proud as us, keep up the fantastic work! just a few mentions this week for reaching new goals and not only achieving criteria but smashing it!! Thor, Poppy, Snippet, Billy and Meg Have all graduated and have started there High distraction, longer distance and have started to increase there duration in a position.


Please remember that we will be closed over the easter holidays!

Play dates will be closed from the 4th of April and re convene on the 26th of April Obedience will be closed from the 6th of April and re convene on the 26th of April Please Note : - level 3 may join us at 7pm on Wednesday the 5th instead to make up for missing out on the 6th. - All memberships will be paused from the 6th until we reopen on the 26th -All new dog bookings for may are recommended to do so as soon as possible, before spots run out. you can pick your start date but we will cap numbers to 8 per class.

Just remember to keep your loved ones safe during the easter rush! no choco for Rocco!!


Dog behaviour

A lot of clients ask me, How do I stop my dog from doing this? But let me ask you this... Why is your dog doing this? Could it be attention seeking? a lack of confidence when alone? Resource guarding? Pure boredom? ... Its not as simple as how do I stop it. We need to think more along the lines of, why is my dog doing this behaviour? what can I get them to do instead? how can I prevent the dog having access to this so that I can avoid this bad outcome? what led to the resource guarding or perhaps how can I make them feel more comfortable in a situation so they don't react. We cant straight out blame a dog for a behaviour, we need to understand the whys?, when's and then the how's? when will it happen? when does he show me signs? How do we remove access? how do we modify

behaviours? how do we motivate our dogs to produce the desired behaviour ? and how can I maintain this? If your ever feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with a misbehaving dog, just know.. your not alone! Just to give you a little insight, I have delt with a lot of challenging behaviours from as simple as potty training and destructive behaviours all the way through to human and dog aggressive / reactive dogs in witch some have a bite history. So I know behaviour comes in many forms and all we want is the best for our dogs and to achieve a happy home.. and this is achievable, IF you commit. I know commitment is hard and I know first hand having adopted a dog aggressive dog myself the exhortation and mental drain a poorly behaved dog can have on you just to reach each goal. My adopted dog has been deemed dog aggressive by professional trainers, however, we have not given up on him, instead we have chosen to give him the best life we can given his situation and we have had a huge amount of success over the years to reach the point of no supervision with Mr Leo (my lab who I'm sure you've all seen or met) and being able to go for a walk past other dogs or in a group of trusted dogs without any bites! or loss of limbs from pulling... so trust me! I get it.. it sucks!. or Perhaps ask Molly, she also lives with a reactive dog who is great with her own family dogs but extremely weary of all other strange dogs she encounters. It has taken months of training and dedication for molly to build confidence in her dog to achieve the dreaded walk past or being in a group of unknown dogs and still have her dog feel safe. it took months of training for us to reach a point where she could be left around Leo unsupervised. But with all of molly's hard work we are moving in leaps and bounds with her dog... I'm sure molly could give you multiple days and time she wanted to throw in the towel and just give up, but she didn't! and thank god! because now we both get to enjoy the benefits of all that hard work. sometimes the most simple change will have the biggest affect and other times ongoing management is required until we start to see undesired behaviours distinguish. either way.. dogs can suck! but the outcome is ALWAYS worth the battle! Hang in there folks and just know we are here to support, guide and assist you all.


A Dogs SAY Behaviour is not who I am! its something I do. I can always change the things I do and the way I react to a situation or dog, if you give me the space I need to make a good decision and respect me enough to understand my decision based on how this situation makes me feel today.

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