Complex Skills - Level 3 graduates ONLY

New skills, New challenges and loads of fun OCT-NOV

  • Starts 8 Oct
  • 200 Australian dollars
  • 13 Ballarat Road Hamilton

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Up for a new challenge? Want your dog to learn some cool tricks? Then Complex skills is the way to go! FUN, CHALLENGING, REWARDING and who doesn't love to show off there dogs in more ways than, oh his cute complex skills are 'complex' we need to break it all down for our dogs to understand but once they do its extremely satisfying and SO much fun. Teaching complex skills is a real passion of mine and I would now like to offer this to my graduated obedience members. Pick your cool trick from this complex skills list - Roll in a blanket - Slam dunk - Quoits - Skateboarding -Directional retrieve - Fridge retrieve How to choose? While a complex skill may look 'fun' or 'cool' you need to pick a skill that suits your dog. For example a retriever would be trained to retrieve easily and a kelpie may find other skills like skateboarding or roll in a blanket easier. That's not to say your dog cant be trained to do any number of the skills above, it may just take more time and patience compared to a skill suited to the genetics of your dog. Course- - 5 weeks of trick training - Saturdays @ 2pm Starting September - Dates October 8th, 15th, 29nd, 5th Nov and 12th Nov (all skills have criteria. whether you meet that criteria is up to you this is not a pass / fail type of course, However, there will still be rewards for participation) All skills have a low and high level criteria The main thing to keep in mind is this skill needs to be completed in low distraction (own yard no distractions) and in a medium to high distraction space (public space with distractions) All complex skill must start in structured position. Further criteria then below and detailed descriptions will be provided to those who book. Roll in a blanket -Roll on one command and stay for 30 seconds Slam dunk - (2 meters from ball to ring) Pick up ball on command, take and drop in ring, return to you x4. Quoits - (2 meters from ring to pole) Take ring on command, walk away, place on stick and return to you. Skateboarding - (Skate for 2 meters) you must not be luring the dog. you must command the dog. Directional retrieve - (10 meters from dog to retrievable item) place two items in different directions both 10 meters from dog. direct dog with one command. dog must retrieve correct item and return to owner. Fridge retrieve - (2 meters from dog to fridge) Retrieve an item from a dog accessible fridge and return.

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