Private training

3x One on One sessions Sessions are between 1 - 2 hours each time.

  • 2 hours
  • starting at $200
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Training can be tough! Whether its a previous learned behaviour or a new behaviour, some dogs just require a little more help than others. Join me in training sessions with your dog to strengthen the knowledge and understanding your dog has around desired behaviours and build on your skills and confidence to help maintain a happy well mannered dog. Private training is a way to help dogs with undesired behaviours in a comfortable well known environment. By setting them up to succeed from day one we can begin the journey of modifying these behaviours together. This process doesn’t happen overnight and can be quite demanding, so patience, consistency and persistence is key! My private training sessions consist of an initial consult/training session at your residence and two follow up training sessions (location to be discussed) . during the initial consult at your home I will meet you and your dog in a familiar environment and asses the dogs behaviour in a low distraction low stress space where your dog can just be its self. Then we will preform a few basic tasks to asses the level of confidence, focus, obedience and the level of communication between you and your dog. Depending on the behaviour of your dog we will need to asses your dog in a medium to high distraction space to see what level of focus, understanding and confidence you and your dog have. From here I will offer two train and walks for your dog to and introduce skills and focus at a level your dog can handle and provide you with some homework tasks to complete with your dog in a limited time frame. lastly we will have a final consult to asses the training we have in place and adapt any techniques we need to. I have a limited amount of one on one sessions available. Contact me via email to start the process.

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Middleton Reserve, Hamilton VIC, Australia