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Dog Obedience 

Training humans to train dogs successfully 

Learning obedience is a process for both human and dog!
what matters is, are you satisfied with the result? 

If you are ready to embark on a journey towards a well-trained and happy dog then Look no further !

Group Obedience- Peninsula positive paws club Rosebud 

Private Obedience -
In home on the mornington peninsula (limited availability)

Peninsula Positive Paws Club
run a fantastic and obedience program focusing on positive training . Please click the link here to visit there website and check out there facebook. 

Private obedience training for the troubled dog
Mutts About Training
We encourage all owners to have fun with their dogs during class weather it be group or 1.1 by using obedience in fun ways such as Touch, Leg Weave, musical beds, Simon says and the Fastest Recall Challenge! all while you work your way through our criteria, mastering skills and creating a calmer dog before joining a group class. 
you and your dog will make long lasting relationships with trainers and eventually group members once ready.

What do we do in private obedience training ?
In our private obedience program we prioritize conditioned reinforcers, handler focus, and proper socialization to establish well-behaved and obedient dogs, focusing on excellent socialization techniques for calm interactions so you're sure to get everything you need to be publicly acceptable or capable to comfortably handle a class environment.

All dogs should get the opportunity to practice focus and doggy manners such as controlling arousal, reading other dogs, reading the room and building healthy relationship with both human and dog.  
Group training is not for everyone, Not all dogs, like all dogs! some dogs like other dogs TOO MUCH and some find the environment overwhelming and that's okay!... We all want the best for our dogs and that's why we offer a few 1.1 sessions for the troubled dog with this service we can work on preparing both human and dog to step into the group environment with more comfort and ease.
Speak with the team @ Peninsula Positive Paws Club or directly message MUTTS here.
If your dog is reactive or aggressive they must be assessed by our before attending any class.
please email us at

Photos of some Mutts clients ...

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