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Dog Obedience
Any dog any age over 3 months

Level                       Day/time                     Stage of learning     Handler level       
Level 1   -  6pm Wednesdays / 9am Sunday    -   Initiation           -  Novice Handler
Level 2   -  7pm Wednesdays / 10am Sunday  -   Fluency             -  Advanced Handler
Level 3   -  6pm Thursdays / 11am Sunday      -   Generalization   -  Intermediate Handler
Level 4   -  7pm Thursdays / 12pm Sundays     -   Automatic          -  Master Handler

Want to know our criteria?
Download our
checklist Or go ahead and  Book Now

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a well-trained and happy dog?
Look no further than Mutts About Training Obedience!

Our Membership offers up to 8 classes a month available to you.
We've created a relaxed and flexible learning environment, so that you can Join us when it's convenient for you all while keeping things affordable with a monthly charge of $100 

With our flexible arrangement you won't miss out  on a crucial learning step if you can't attend a class, we've got you covered having multiple trainers to keep everyone up to date
We encourage all owners to have fun with their dogs during class using obedience in fun ways such as Touch, Leg Weave, musical beds, Simon says and the Fastest Recall Challenge!
while you work your way through our obedience levels mastering skills and habituating your dog you'll make long lasting relationships with group members and so will your dog. Clients always have a place at Mutts About Training with our community and relationship focused mentality. 

In our obedience we prioritize conditioned reinforcers, handler focus, and proper socialization to establish well-behaved and obedient dogs, While dog play is not permitted during class (Because we are here to learn), we do teach excellent socialization techniques for calm interactions so you're sure to get everything you need to be publicly acceptable.

Once we have established solid obedience and good handler focus we do offer our Level 4 Members some structured dog play at the end of class so that we can practice doggy manners such as controlling arousal in play, arecal under play distraction, and build our relationships with our dogs and fellow owners. This is not for everyone, and that's okay! you can say no, at the end of the day... Not all dogs, like all dogs! and not all humans enjoy being social with humans... thats life! your trainer gets it!
 Purchasing a membership is a breeze!
Purchase a membership and then turn up! no need to reach out or book in to a schedule online. Just come on down :)
OR Drop by our location at 13 Ballarat Road any Sunday at 9am OR  any Wednesday at 6pm so one of our friendly team can assist you with booking using our computer system :D and YES! if you would like to, you can join in on that class straight away! 

If your dog is reactive or 
aggressive they must be assessed by our behaviourist stacey before attending any class. please email us at



The Benefit! -

-socialisation for your dog based around handler focus
-If you can't attend one week that's fine! This is self-paced and you can just come to the next scheduled class that suits you.

- You will not be limited with a set schedule.

-If you have friends and family with dogs in the same group you can all move along together once you all meet criteria. We have had groups that end up building friendships that last outside of our obedience and we want to make this more possible for people! Practice with the people you enjoy learning and laughing with. 

The Incentive -
Once you pass level one you will be awarded with your very first... Mutts About Training lead! 
-At each level graduation you will trade your lead in for a new lead.
colours will match your level colour just like karate.. until you meet the ultimate level...
-Level 4! where you will be gifted your final lead to keep and show off to all of your friends and family 
Have a read of the criteria pdf to get an idea of what your in for and where we expect you to end up and our syllabus to learn more about us
Our newest insentive includes a 20% off Doggy day care when you book 4 sessions with our staff
(limited spaces, see our play dates page for requirements)

Dog Obedience 

Training humans to train dogs successfully 

Learning obedience is a process for both human and dog!
what matters is, are you satisfied with the result? 

At Mutts About Training, we have created a training program dedicated to simplifying step by step obedience in a way that is flexible and self-paced, allowing owners and pets to meet their goals in their own time.

No matter if its a little guidance on you motor skills, your 
marking/rewarding ability or a step by step progression guide to move into the next stage. We are here to help you understand your dog and get the most out of them by implementing good obedience and manners while meeting there genetic needs and having fun with them.

We get it!  and we hear you! 

Some dogs just get it! and some humans are born with a natural dog handling ability.
This is fantastic and we wish it was always this easy for everyone. 

  If your one of the lucky ones feel free to reach out for positive reasions and see if we are looking for neutral dogs and owners to be a distractions for the dogs who need the extra help staying calm and focusing to become neutral. Or if you ever feel the need ask us how you can join a class for your own social distractions to further your dogs
obedience under pressure.

We cover all puppys and dogs with our classes on offer, please have a read below.

Class & Membership  Options 

At Mutts About Training we offer a range of services including Puppy Academy, Dog Obedience, Ninja Dogs, complex skills, play dates, Privates sessions and school holiday programs. 
We currently offer memberships for Obedience and Ninja classes instead of structured class times and lesions so that we can be more flexible and accommodating to our clients availability and commitment abilities.

You can now purchase a membership and then join levels 1 to 4 depending on your graduation status.
Each level has 2 classes scheduled each week one during the week after work and the other on sundays.
That's 8 classes a month you can attend!

(instead of the old program that only provided 4 and if you missed one you must attend a catch up class and you either graduated or started again)
With this self paced option you can come to as many or as little classes, every week, that you would like.
 We love being able to give everyone more freedom and flexibility at a fraction of the cost!

Common Questions 

Will my dog socialise?
-While we don't allow 'dog play' in class we do establish great socialisation techniques that will help you create a calm and well mannered dog upon greeting and interactions. Dogs WILL get the opportunity to interact when they are learning to establish this behaviour and ongoing once this behaviour is learnt.

Is it fun?
-We try to make Classes as fun and free flowing as possible we love to have a joke and help get classes interacting through shared experiences and openly letting people bring ideas to the group.
-We also like to implement some fun tricks such as Touch, leg weave and  the fastest recall challenge.


What do I bring?
-A fitted collar or harness and standard lead.
-A variety of treats that motivate your dog to learn.
-A toy to motivate your dog to learn.
-We try t provide as much equipment as we can to class but trainers may ask you to bring objects like beds or long lines to class with some warning.

When is my class?
Puppy Academy - Tuesdays at 6pm (bookings essential)
level 1 - 6pm Wed & 9am Sun 
level 2 - 7pm Wed & 10am Sun
Level 3 - 6pm Thurs & 11am Sun
Level 4 - 7pm Thurs and 12pm Sun

-Obedience and  Membership is $100 per month 
-Puppy Academy is $250 for our 6 week program
-Ninja Dogs (summer only) Membership is $100
-Play dates is $55 per dog, per day -Discounts may apply
-1.1 private sessions are $160 per session
-School holiday programs are priced each holidays keep an eye out on our socials. 


Can my child come? Or can my child bring the dog to class?
YES! We encourage kids from around 5 upwards to join in, get involved and have fun. We have had many graduate and seem to have more and more joining in. 
-Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
-Your children are your responsibility and under no circumstance are they to be playing or interacting with other people's dogs or puppies!
-They also need to like dogs.. please do not use the class to help your child overcome a fear of dogs. This is unfair to the dogs and owners.

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