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Dog Obedience 

Training humans to train dogs successfully 

Learning obedience is a process for both human and dog!
It's our job as trainers to help you both understand the process that will lead you to your desired outcome

We are currently offering the following obedience
Indoor small group obedience; year round 
Outdoor Large group obedience; 1st September - 1st June


Dog obedience

In our obedience program we emphasize both the social and the obedient aspects of training. 

Obedience- During our sessions we work on handler engagement and confidence building while training all aspects of obedience to create the 'confident obedient companion dog'.

socially- During our sessions we will use our handler focus, confidence and obedience skills to establish good interactions, boundary's and manners 
 to create an obedient and publicly acceptable dog.

obedience commands and and proper socialization are both important steps in establishing a well-behaved and socially acceptable companion dog.

Our obedience intertwines your dogs obedience and social needs to create calm dogs who actually want to come back when called.

All dogs should get the opportunity to practice calm behaviour  and good doggy manners in multiple environments and there is no better environment that one of like-minded people and dogs who anr in the same position as you with the same love for dogs.

No one enjoys an out of control dog so we focus on things like controlling arousal, reading other dogs, reading the room, building healthy relationship with play for both human and dog, door manners, basic manners (jumping, biting ect), hoping in and out of the car, lead manners, and so much more to establish a well rounded dog.

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If your dog is reactive or aggressive they will need to have an assessment first.
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Photos of some Mutts clients ...

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