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Training with Care

Puppy training should always be fun for both you and your puppy!
To give your puppy the best start in life they need a lot of guidance, structure and patience to learn how to live in a humans world so starting your Obedience early is key.
We will learn the fundamentals in obedience, behaviour, socialisation and manners in level 1 puppy.

But your journey only begins here, we recommend continuing all levels of obedience for the best result. Dogs 'will not' finish one level and be fully trained. Real outcomes take time and lots and lots of repetition. 


Dog Obedience

Group Training has 4 Obedience levels and is designed to get the best out of your dog no matter their age.


If your dog has any behavioural issues please contact me so that we can organise an assessment of your pet before attending classes.


Group classes consist of the following


- Level 1

Covering the foundations, correct socialisation & teach your dog the basics in obedience and manners

- Level 2

Building on level 1 we train you and your dog to achieve reliable basics adding distance, and distractions so that we can start to use our obedience in real time. 


- Level 3

Building on the achievement of level 2 we will be building on the strength of your dogs behaviour, pushing distance, distractions and compliance including some off lead/ long line work.


- Level 4

The final level, you will now Proof your dog’s obedience using agility and High distractions. 

Dog Walker at the Park


A Little Goes a Long Way

Private dog training is a way we can help dogs with undesired behaviours in a comfortable well known environment. By doing this we are setting them up to succeed from day one.
The process of modifying behaviours doesn’t happen overnight and can be quite demanding, so patience is key!


Reactive Dog Classes 

Welcome to my R.E.A.C.T Class where we focus on modifying behaviours using positive reinforcement and training methods that work for 'your dog'. We all know our reactive dogs are big softies at heart and at home behind closed doors where the world cant set our dogs off into a dramatic response.

We all know the feeling of having to avoid high footpath traffic times for walks! or fining a pet sitter that feels safe enough to look past the scary bark, but wouldn't it be nice to let your dog see the world as a less stressful place? perhaps take them on a family picnic? or even just down your usual walking track at a decent time?

Reactivity does not make your dog a "bad dog". Sometime they just need the right guidance to understand what they are feeling and how to communicate that differently. When a dog is reactive it is important to remember that they are in a conflicted emotional state of high arousal and not reacting badly by conscious decision. Because this behaviour is usually fear and anxiety based, punishment for this behaviour will only heighten anxiety and worsen the problem.

As an owner of a reactive dog you need to consider why our dog is feeling this way and how to help them through it. We need to be aware of what type of reactivity our dogs may have and find ways help them. Reactivity can be such a wide array of issues such as leash reactivity, barrier frustration, resource guarding, over or under socialisation, fear, anxiety and so much more.

If you Have a reactive dog, this is your best option. 

Sweet Dog
complex skills.png

Complex Skills 

Level 3 Graduates ONLY

Up for a new challenge?
Want your dog to learn some cool tricks?
Then Complex skills is the way to go!
and who doesn't love to show off there dogs in more ways than, oh his cute?
However, complex skills are 'complex' we need to break it all down for our dogs to understand but once they do its extremely satisfying and SO much fun, but this is why we will run this over a 5 week period.
Teaching complex skills is a real passion of mine and I would now like to offer this to my graduated obedience members.

You have the opportunity to Pick your cool trick from this complex skills list
- Roll in a blanket
- Slam dunk
- Quoits
- Skateboarding
-Directional retrieve
- Fridge retrieve
Have a look at the bookings page for further details and booking options. 


At Mutts about training , we strongly believe that it’s never too late to change our pet’s behaviour. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. or check out our bookings page for further information.

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