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Puppy training should always be fun for both you and your puppy! My program consists of 3 levels of training that will set you and your puppy up to succeed and fulfil their full potential in a balanced and achievable way making training an enjoyable experience including:

Level 1 - Teaching behaviours 

Level 2 - Training behaviours 

Level 3 - Proofing behaviours


Group Training has 3 obedience levels and is designed to get the best out of your dog no matter their age.


If your dog has any behavioural issues please contact me so that we can organise an assessment of your pet before attending classes.


Group classes consist of the following


- Level 1

Covering the foundations, correct socialisation & teach your dog the basics in obedience setting them up to move into the next level with ease.

- Level 2

Build on level 1 using Distance, Distraction and Duration.
fine tuning skills and achieving reliable basics.


- Level 3

Building on the achievement of level 2 we will be building on the strength of your dogs behaviour, The final phase! Proofing your dog’s understanding of the behaviour required to achieve their ultimate goal! pay day!

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A Little Goes a Long Way

Private dog training is a way we can help dogs with undesired behaviours in a comfortable well known environment. By doing this we are setting them up to succeed from day one.
The process of modifying behaviours doesn’t happen overnight and can be quite demanding, so patience is key!


Training with Care

I provide a options for owners including classes tailored to teaching pets and owners the basics in how to walk nicely on a lead and putting that into practice under distraction with my 
101 Lead Manners Class 

I also Provide a FREE community structured social walk on the last Sunday of every month around lake Hamilton 

Please click through the booking section to find what suits you.

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At Mutts about training , we strongly believe that it’s never too late to change our pet’s behaviour. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. or check out our bookings page for further information.

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