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Dog Training & Group Classes in Hamilton, Victoria

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Training humans to train dogs successfully 

Obedience is learned, NOT known and whether you have unknowingly trained your dog or spent multiple hours on training your dog, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you're happy with the outcome.
We all learn at our own pace when we are in a good state of mind and wellbeing and the same goes for your dogs. 

Unlike the 'old days' where we had more time to be around our dogs and majority of them where bred for a purpose such as farming or assistance roles and not just to be 'adorable' we are now breeding and training 'PET DOGS' who have been bred to be cute and social and just here for a cuddle and companionship... However the problem we are finding is that our pet dogs are needing more assistance from us to be their best selves due to the humanisation and domestication over the generations of dogs in our homes and while this isn't all bad because how can LOVE be bad, it does have its own issues in society. All people in the home are spending more time working or educating, attending more social events, more parenting and household commitments has led us to having less and less time to be around our furry friends leaving room for behavioural and mental issues to arise and become quite the problem or worry. Now, this doesn't mean that dogs are untrainable and humans can't do it based on their availability but it does open your eyes to the time and consistency dogs are lacking and how this affects there over all behaviour and obedience.
That's why at Mutts About Training we do things a little different to other training facilities. We have implemented a training regime that lets owners and pets to meet their goals in their own time!

Our new structure is easy going and self-paced!
This means no matter how quickly or how slowly you and your dog progress you will be able to move through the levels in your own time, at your own pace and attend scheduled classes when it suits your busy lives

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What does our program look like

-please purchase a membership
the membership will grant you access to all classes in your level and allow you to graduate as fast or as slow as you like. 

here is our criteria and timetable 

We have designed a self-paced program that will benefit our clients and give you an extra incentive to keep progressing.

Yes we still have criteria to meet and  yes we still cover the basic obedience tasks such as Sit, Down, Loose lead walking, Bed/Place, Heel and Recall.
But! we start it all with Conditioned reinforcers, handler focus and correct socialisation. We don't just play and we definitely don't expect our dogs to just 'know' what is expected of them. We train and establish the behaviours and obedience we are after.

Dogs will continue to graduate into the next level
BUT... all we are looking for is to help clients meet the set criteria based on their level in their own time to be able to move up the levels. This makes life so much easier because you are not stuck within a structured class schedule with only 4 weeks to complete tasks... so whether you have a fast learning dog or one that needs a little more motivation and guidance it wont matter with this self-paced program as you can take the time you need. 


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The Incentive -

Once you pass level one you will be awarded with your very first... Mutts About Training lead! 

At each level graduation you will trade your lead in for a new lead (colours will match your level colour) until you meet the ultimate level... Level 4! where you will be gifted your final lead to keep and show off to all of your friends and family 

Have a read of the criteria pdf to get an idea of what your in for and where we expect you to end up and our syllabus to lean more about us
Criteria PDF 


The Benefit! -

-If you cant attend one week that's fine! This is self-paced and you can just come to the next scheduled class that suits you.

- You will not be limited with a set schedule.

-If you have friends and family with dogs in the same group you can all move along together once you all meet criteria. We have had groups that end up building friendships that last outside of our obedience and we want to make this more possible for people! Practice with the people you enjoy learning and laughing with. 

Common Questions 

Will my dog socialise?
-While we don't allow 'dog play' in class we do establish great socialisation techniques that will help you create a calm and well mannered dog upon greeting and interactions. Dogs WILL get the opportunity to interact when they are learning to establish this behaviour and ongoing once this behaviour is learnt.

Is it fun?
-We try to make Classes as fun and free flowing as possible we love to have a joke and help get classes interacting through shared experiences and openly letting people bring ideas to the group.
-We also like to implement some fun tricks such as Touch, leg weave and  the fastest recall challenge.


What do I bring?
-A fitted collar or harness and standard lead.
-A variety of treats that motivate your dog to listen.
- A toy to motivate your dog to listen.
-Trainers may ask you to bring objects like beds or similar to class with some warning.

Can my child come? Or can my child bring the dog to class?
YES! We encourage kids from around 3 to 18 to join in, get involved and have fun. We have had many graduate and seem to have more and more joining in. 
-Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
-Your children are your responsibility and under no circumstance are they to be playing or interacting with other peoples dogs or puppies!
-They also need to like dogs.. please do not use the class to help your child overcome a fear of dogs. This is unfair to the dogs and owners.

When is my class?
Please download the Info pack above to have all the correct information in regards to days, times and levels.

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