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Membership Options 

At Mutts About Training we offer a range of services including Obedience, Ninja dogs, complex skills, play dates and Privates sessions. 

We currently offer memberships for Obedience and Ninja classes so that we can be more flexible and accommodating to our clients availability and commitment.

You can now purchase a membership and then join your level on any day we have the level scheduled!
you can now turn up to 8 classes a month instead of 4! with the membership. This means you can come to as many or as little classes every week that you feel like it! Making the training self-paced and gaining your graduation into the next level once the criteria is met, No Rush No Fuss.... Since communing out of covid and getting back to life we are fining a lot of clients unsalvable for strict , structured classes and re booking, this new way of booking will give everyone more freedom and flexibility at a fraction of the cost!


Contact us with any questions you have. Please see our services page for full details on our range of memberships and what we have to offer 

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