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Welcome Aboard Susan!!!

Im sure youve all noticed the new face floating around mutts lately? Well, let me formally introduce you to our newest Team member (doggy day care attendant) Susan. Susan has successfully taken on a daycare attendant role with us at mutts to help our ever growing team of trish and myself. We are so please to have found such a kind and loving sole to join our crazy crew!

Susan (Human) Big boy 'Bruno' (dog) Susan has always been an avid dog lover and it shows in her work! Susan has a long history of owning and working with, not only, your standard pet dogs, but also guarding breed dogs making her skills and strength outweigh her size, hehe. Susans interest in dogs only grew after having the privilege to gain experience as a veterinary nurse and now she can't get enough of it! With a passion for training and behaviour at the forefront of her mind, Susan is looking forward to developing her current skills and adding to her knowledge with day care and behavioural training. We hope to continue to provide our clients with the best care and we appreciate everyone making susan feel comfortable and for embracing her so quickly.

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