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Play Dates

Play dates is an alternative to doggy daycare. Supervised and run by a certified trainer with lots of enrichment, play and fun. What's the difference? We are still, Mutts About training! and to benefit our clients we have included training time into Play Date sessions.

limited to a small number of dogs only on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am to 1pm

I strive to provide a healthy environment with multiple forms of enrichment, physical activity, play, down time and some 'basic training' for each dog at each session in our training grounds. We are lucky enough to be able to provide an indoor space that is airconditioned and heated for all types of weather as well as an outdoor space that is secure from traffic and the public including a secure lock on all entry/exit gates that is only accessible to the trainer to eliminate the risk of escape.

I will provide a pick up and drop off service for dogs that live in town. This will require dogs to be either crated for the ride in a well ventilated space or in a doggy seat belt depending on the size of the dog.

You can select as many or as little sessions as you like!


- Each sessions last for 3 hours

- Sessions starts at 10am(dogs collected before the start time)

- Sessions finishes at 1pm(dogs dropped off after the finish time)

- Sessions are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

- Sessions are $50 each (book for 2 or more for a discounted rate of %10 off total price)

- We are closed over the weekend for training classes

- We are also closed on Public holidays and some school holidays over summer.

- Enrichment includes some food (please notify trainer of any dietary requirements)

- Enrichment includes some physical activity such as agility and fun time zoomies (please notify trainer of any physical debilitates)

-Training includes basic obedience. If your struggling with certain obedience skills in your dog, please let us know and if not we will just continue to strengthen the skills they already have in our enriched environment.

Any owner interested will need to have there dog assessed before they can book there dog in for play dates. No aggressive or reactive dogs will be eligible for this service

To book an assessment please include a contact number or email with a short intro of your dog to Stacey via: Email, Website or Facebook

Email -

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